The time has come, the Walrus said…

It’s been just over a year since I released “Half Live”, and in that time I’ve gigged aplenty, but I’ve also been writing a whole load of new songs (you’ve heard some of them such as “Sweetness No More” and “To The Unknown Loves of My Life“).  Tonight I’ll begin to record these for a new album, for release early 2016.

I absolutely love everything about the recording process. There’s something about piecing together the elements of a song that ticks every “happiness” box in my head and heart. I’ve long said that I can always hear more going on in my head than I can play live, and this time I’m going all out. I’m lucky enough to have a whole host of talented friends who can add so much to my songs, so I’m going to get them involved and make this album the biggest sounding record I’ve ever made.

I’m not going to put too many spoilers here, but you will hear a lot more than just the Slight Band line up (although of course, Ellis and Jack will be heavily involved). That’s not to say I’m moving away completely from the “singer-songwriter” genre (whatever that means), and there will of course be some songs that are more “intimate”, but the album as a whole will be bigger and sound epic.

Basically, I have plans and I’m excited 🙂



Here’s one of the new album songs being performed in “the caravan” at the Village Pump Folk Festival.

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