Phil vs The Future

12109192_10153224516002507_5048657569294981297_nFriends, I have some exciting and terrifying news.  When 2016 starts there will be one more professional musician in the world.

Yep, I’ve decided to take the plunge, remove myself from the day to day office-job world and concentrate solely on bringing my musical offerings to the nation (and then the world!).

The last 18 months, since releasing “Half Live” have been incredible, I’ve had more fun than you can shake an egg at, and I’ve learned so much about myself and this business we call music.

The future starts with a new album, which is currently being recorded. After that there will be touring aplenty, but I have plans for my time to include making exclusive content for “fans”. The content will be things like videos, exclusive recordings, web-streamed concerts and things like that. There will be more info coming soon on how that will work, but make sure you’re on my mailing list for a start!

I know a lot of you will be keen to help me out (because I only associate with amazing and lovely people), and I will be following this blog up with 5 simple ways you can help (edit: this blog is now here). However, you all have your unique talents, so please speak to me if you want to help support me, even if you don’t yet know how you could do it (I’m sure I’ll have some ideas!).

I’ll also be pimping out my mixing/production skills, so if you’re a musician yourself, get in touch.

It’s better to regret taking a chance at something than to regret things you wanted to do, but didn’t.

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