Thoughts & Observations (Released Apr 2018)

Reviews for Thoughts & Observations

Stereo Stickman
"...Phil Cooper’s music is the sort that reaches out to just about any one who is living..."

Dancing About Architecture
"... Thoughts and Observations is the sound of a bunch of great songs being put on a pedestal, it is also everything you expect from Phil Cooper, subtle and supple songs that sit equidistant between cult favourites and easy commerciality..."
"...Phil Cooper’s singer-songwriting style is firmly in the pop-folk arena: ringing guitar, tight bass and drums and clever use of backing vocals...songs of social comment, fine songs, too..."

Things I'll Never Say (Released Feb 2016)

Reviews for Things I'll Never Say

"...quite possibly the most brilliant singer-songwriter you don’t know about and shouldn’t miss... There is seriously something wrong with you if you don’t like this album..."

HD Music Promotion
"...incredible song-writing ability... Phil Cooper has produced an album that sounds incredibly professional while staying loyally devoted to the 'DIY' craft..."

Dancing About Architecture
"...a template, a manual, a bible even of how to write accessible, memorable and meaningful songs..."

The Ocelot
"...if you’re looking for a new singer/songwriter hero to get behind, we couldn’t think of many better to recommend..."

Local Music Scene Blog
"...a great singer, awfully adept with the guitar... but also splendid writing... a charming and clearly talented fellow..."