Music Venue Trust – Emergency Fightback

14264932_571517113055680_2605055092100506403_nI’ve been following the social media accounts of the Music Venue Trust for a while now, because they seemed to be about something more than just moaning about the state of the music industry. They proved that to be the case this morning with the launch of a fantastic initiative to offer practical advice to music venues struggling due to the costs involved in legal advice and expert opinion on planning, development, noise and licensing issues.

Research performed by the Trust has has found that these costs are the number one threat facing music venues today, and as I mentioned in this blog post, we need art and venues now more than ever!

To launch the initiative they are hosting a gig with a difference at The Roundhouse, London on 18th October. At the moment, they have no musicians booked, no sound crew, no lighting crew, no backline equipment. They are asking for volunteers from across the music industry to help them out, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up with some pretty heavyweight headliners!

At the moment tickets for the gig are £10 with that cost expected to increase as they book acts. So if you’re interested, book now before the price goes up!

Remember folks, without you, and your support… this industry is nothing!

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