Calling all doodlers! I need your doodles for my new album.

Want to be a part of my next album? Want a free copy?

Doodle your way in!

If you’ve seen one of my live shows you’ll know all about my doodle pad, which I hand out for people to draw little pictures or leave notes for me. It’s become such a big part of my show that I feel I need to take it to the next level and use it on the album booklet for my next album “Thoughts & Observations”.

The idea is that each page of lyrics within the album booklet will have corresponding doodles, created by you, using the list of phrases below as inspiration

  • Thoughts & Observations
  • Problems of the world upon your shoulder
  • Shake it up
  • Citizen
  • The kindness of strangers
  • Time to walk away
  • Find my own way out
  • Production line hate
  • You can fool the people all of the time
  • The word “yes” is a powerful thing
  • One little step and I’m on my way
  • The choice is up to you
  • Yesterday’s pain is tomorrow’s debt
  • Driving towards a hide and seek moon
  • As I travel this open land with my guitar in my hand
  • We hide the world with our own smokescreen
  • It’s always been a waiting game
  • Coffee Break

Anyone that gets included will be given a free copy of the album, and credited within the booklet.

You can send me the doodles on my facebook page, twitter, Instagram or by emailing

Please feel free to send me as many doodles as you like, and don’t forget to tell me how you would like to be credited on the album.

NB: Asking people to submit artistic work for use on something like this always sparks a debate about artists being paid for their work, so I want to address that here. I have the utmost respect for ALL artists and would never ask a professional to use their work for nothing, I am planning to have the front cover designed professionally and will not be asking the artist for a freebee.

What I am doing here is an extension of a very popular part of my live show where I ask my audience to get creative, regardless of how talented they believe themselves to be. I want to celebrate the creativeness that lives inside every single one of us, as well as giving people a chance to be included in a project I am very excited about.

I guess the bottom line is that if you don’t like the thought of your work being used for free, then I respect your choice to not submit anything, just as I respect those that are fine with it. As a musician, I have to make that same choice on a near weekly basis!

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