5 small ways you can help

I’ve been very touched by the amount of support I’ve received since announcing my plans for the future, although in many ways it didn’t surprise me because I know what an amazing bunch of people I have supporting me. I had a feeling that people would want to know how they could support me, so I’ve been thinking about ways people can help me that are simple and free. I will come on to ways that are not so free (although still simple) somewhen else.

I’ve kept these simple because they are things you can do, little and often.


1) Keep up to date

I use various different platforms on the internet to keep people up to date, but with the fast pace of todays social media it’s really easy to miss information you want to see. In amongst the hoardes of cat pictures, shared news stories, casual biogoty etc – all of which have their place, apart from bigotry – are little nuggets from people like me, that you’ve taken the time to like/follow/subscribe/etc.

By making sure you connect with me on all the social media you use, you decrease the chance of missing something you’d rather know about, such as new songs/videos or when I’m playing a gig near you. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and you can subscribe to my email mailinglist here.

By the way, you can now tell facebook you want to see my posts by hovering over the word “Liked” and then clicking “See First” (or if you’re really keen, “Get Notifications”)


2) Be friendly and talk to me regularly

Tied in to the first point, but deserving of it’s own explanation, simply communicating with me on a regular basis lets me know you’re interested in what I do, which (a) inspires me to keep at it and (b) helps me know who to tell about certain things.

It can be a real minefield keeping people informed, whilst not boring people with incessant updates, and it’s something that in my opinion most musicians get wrong one way or another. I’d much rather know I’m talking to people who are genuinely interested, and post things that people people actually want, which I’ll be able to find out from what you comment on and conversations we have.

Another reason to communicate regularly is that I’ve become acutely aware that everyone has a talent, but that most people are loathed to shout about it, and some people don’t even know about it. When I talk to people about their talent it inspires me, and sometimes I end up working with that person on something or other!

3) Listen to my music often

This seems a pretty obvious one, but by listening to my songs, you can really help. Of course the ideal for me is that you buy my music, but even if you use spotify (here’s a handy link to Half Live), or YouTube I’ll get a little bit of money in royalties (emphasis on “little”, but that’s a whole other blog post). If you use a service that shares what you’re listening to with your friends on facebook/twitter etc, I’ll get some much appreciated exposure. without you doing anything other than enjoying the music!

4) Be enthusiastic and share me with your friends

I’ve mentioned in the past about how a recommendation from a friend is the best way to discover new things, and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of music. Without the opinions of my friends I would never have discovered many of the bands I absolutely love now. I appreciate it every time anyone shares anything I do, but those times when someone adds their own bit of enthusiasm to the recommendation are the BEST! Unexpected “out of the blue” recommendations are also most welcome indeed!

5) Do my bidding!

OK so that sounds a bit sinister, but I’ve set up a facebook group called Phil’s Social Media Team – the idea being that whenever I want something given an extra push, I post in the group and you get a notification which you can either act on or ignore, but at least you’ll get notified, which is half the problem with Facebook these days! If that sounds like something you could do, please join the group.


And there we have it, 5 completely painless ways that you can help. Next time I’ll blog about some more in depth ways you can help, but in the mean time, thank you for even being interested enough to read this.

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